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“The Secret to Happiness is Freedom…And the secret to freedom is Courage.” – Thucydides

As a Mental Health Specialist with a wealth of experience, Sharon Olson cheers the overall well-being of her clients (individuals, couples, and families) by supporting health-promoting, mindful strategies that attend to their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Sharon brings focused healing in psychotherapy to free clients from their static and limited mental and emotional programming. It helps clients shift from their natural inertia to change and uplift their significant or overwhelming stressors, challenging life changes, or psychiatric/ mental health issues and build self-confidence again. As a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Sharon can also diagnose and prescribe medications, if required.

Sharon’s clients also use the Blu Room technology located at the clinic as a major part of their change. Inside the Blu Room, clients are surrounded in an atmosphere that promotes deep relaxation. A 20-minute Blu Room relieves stress, which has been identified for years as a leading cause of illness.

One component, the UVB light, increases Vitamin D production, which has been found for decades to assist in healing physical and mental disorders as well as to stimulate the immune system and various enzyme systems in the body. The UVB light, soothing and healing sound, and the divine mathematical symmetry of the space all contribute to one feeling bathed in peace to allow release and transformation.

Clients have described decreased anxiety, and reduction in their pain symptoms. For some, it has promoted breakthroughs in their healing work. Some clients have reported sleeping better and a boost to their mood as well!

Sharon has practiced in homes, hospitals, Home Health Nursing Organizations, the Therapeutic Touch Institute, communities, colleges, and for the last 35 years in office, as a private practitioner.

Sharon is certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center as a Psychiatric/Mental Health Clinical Specialist, licensed as an Advanced Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, and graduated with a Master’s of Science in Nursing from Pennsylvania State University.

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Coaching reinforces one’s goals. To face your struggles with another, identify one’s strengths, and find original solutions creates a brighter future. With practice and patience you can start to voice fresh self-talk which awakens new mindsets. Coaching helps people shift their natural inertia and have greater freedom to act differently!


One cannot change when one is unaware.  Good psychotherapy allows you to listen to yourself to become aware of your deepest thoughts.  Your brain has the potential to function as a quantum computer, but is too often limited from past programming that repeats automatically.  With knowledge and understanding of how the brain works, it allows you to delete these “old emails” and to free yourself from destructive mental myths.



I take a holistic approach, so multiple factors are used to bring forth your healing. People who find their multitude of medications have become an endless stream are encouraged to reevaluate and often can decrease. By entering the divine mathematical symmetry of the patented Blu Room technology with its UVB light, one is bathed in an atmosphere of uplifting frequency allowing you to relax and bring stasis/balance to the body. Incorporating a “Pause” in Nature is an astounding force of healing and learning that brings one Present to melt stress, pain, and trauma in ready fashion. It’s ALL about opening to new possibilities of Healing and Hope.