Lorena Bensching | Office & Services Manager

Lorena Bensching joined the Absolute Health Clinic in early 2016, to support the team with business and service administration, during a time of steady growth. Lorena earned her high school diploma in 2014, and went on to attend Centralia College where she earned credits towards a business degree.

Before joining the clinic, Lorena held several positions through which she developed strong skills in customer service, stakeholder engagement, problem solving, and sales. She accepted the role offered to her by Dr. Matthew Martinez, as she wanted to take her career into the medical field. She soon discovered that this was a learning experience that would teach her in ways that could not be experienced in the academic world.

In her spare time, Lorena enjoys snow and water sports, spending time with her Boston Terrier Khloe, shopping, and playing golf.


Austin Hess | Office Manager

Austin Hess joined the Absolute Health Clinic in late 2015 to provide the clinic with much needed support in the areas of business and service administration. Austin earned his high school diploma in 2011, and went on to hold several positions through which he developed strong skills in customer service, stakeholder engagement, problem solving, online support, and sales.

The combination of Austin’s professional and personal experience made him a natural fit with the values and philosophy that underpin the clinic. Shortly after graduating from high school, at the age of 18, Austin has been dealing with acute rheumatoid arthritis. This was so severe that he was unable to make use of his legs and move around without the support of extremely potent medication.

Austin discovered the Blu Room in 2015, and began participation in an intensive program of multiple weekly sessions since then. This enabled Austin to stop all medication without experiencing any negative impact, and he is currently following a schedule of weekly maintenance Blu Room sessions.

Austin’s story is not only a testament to the Blu Room as a healing technology, it also provides him with the perspective of the patient when talking to people who visit the clinic.

In his spare time, Austin loves spending time with his son, who he claims is one of his greatest teachers. He also enjoys spending time with family, in the great outdoors, and having meaningful out-of-the-box conversations about uncommon topics.


Tani Walker, RN | IV Specialist

Tani Walker joined the Absolute Health Clinic in late 2017 based on a desire to use her skills as an IV Specialist in a holistic healing setting. She wanted to provide a compassionate and careful IV insertion for clients.

In 1980, Tani earned her her RN degree from the American River College in Sacramento and has been working in a hospital setting for 38 years in areas that include pediatrics, medical, surgical, orthopedic and IV therapy.

Tani moved to Washington State in 1988 and loved it so much that she established roots. She is also currently a part-time employee of the St Peter Hospital in Olympia. 

Tani Considers her employment at the clinic as a dream come true and wants to continue learning and growing in the field of holistic care. 

In her spare time, Tani enjoys gardening, reading, and an ongoing quest for knowledge, truth and spiritual evolution. 


Sharon Olson, RNP | Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Sharon Olson has over 40 years of experience in the Mental Health field, and moved her practice to the Absolute Health Clinic in early 2016. She continues to bring a significant healing presence to her work, and sessions, that refreshes and shifts her approach to counseling and psychotherapy.

Sharon is inspired to do healing and share her lightness of heart with clients, to empower and uplift them.  Laughing with her clients is said to be one of the greatest gifts she brings to ease their suffering, and create a change of perspective that is life changing.

Sharon uses the Blu Room technology to significantly assist her clients’ progress, and create a sense of wonder.