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Dr. Matthew Martinez founded the Absolute Health Clinic at the end of 2011, after working in other medical practices for a period of 5 years. His dream was to create a practice with heart, fully based on his passion for healing and helping others. Through which he could freely express who he had evolved to become as a doctor and healer.

The Absolute Health Clinic is a place of healing, where room and space has been created for people to truthfully express concerns about their health, without having to worry about time or money. It is a place that is synonymous with hope.

Over the years, Dr. Matthew Martinez has developed the vision that has shaped the clinic and its evolution. Making cutting-edge technology and therapies available to patients, and introducing the most innovative approaches to alternative healing available.

It is in this spirit that the clinic will continue to research advances in medical and food science, making them available to the community. Providing ways to ensure the basics of a healthy lifestyle are accessible through the use of technology to minimize environmental toxins.