Intravenous (IV) Infusions are helpful to overcome health obstacles, or as part of a wellness regimen that infuses vital nutrients and vitamins directly into the body.

IV delivery is the best way to receive and assimilate vitamins, as most people have a compromised digestive system. If your digestive tract is functioning at a fraction of its optimal state, only a fraction of the vitamins you ingest from food and supplements are absorbed into the body.

IV Infusions ensure that the full dose of vitamins is delivered right into your bloodstream and available for cellular use.

The clinic offers a Myers Cocktail IV infusion (Ascorbic acid, B complex, calcium gluconate, Dexpanthenol, L arginine, Methylcobalamin, Pyridoxine, Niacinamide) that is administered by our IV Specialist Nurse and can be supplemented to target further health benefits:

  1. Anti-aging (Vitamin C, Biotin, Chromium);
  2. Weight loss (L Carnitine, Lipotropic, Taurine); and
  3. Improved detoxification (glutathione).


    $30 extra
    $30 extra
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    • Myers Cocktail:
      • Single:
      • Package (3 or more):
    • Anti-aging:
    • Weight loss:
    • Glutathione: