The Blu Gro System

Giving the ability to grow... Anything. Anywhere. Where the unlimited potential of the plant is activated to provide nutritionally and medicinally superior herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Like a green house, but better. No plastic off gassing, like most greenhouses. No chemicals needed. No pesticides needed. Gro whole organic food as the DNA potential of seeds was intended. Grow food in any climate under the harshest conditions. Be sovereign.

Over 5 years of passion dedicated to the development...

The Blu Gro System concept started over 5 years ago when the first few Blu Rooms were conceptualized and created. Dr. Matthew Martinez with a passion and family background in healing and agriculture knew he had a Vision to develop and thus the Blu Gro System was born.

*NO Fertilization - no need for ANY fertilizers *Year Round Produce - extend your growing season

*Easy Maintenance - little to NO maintenance *Reduce Your Work - eliminate the extra work

*Happy People - Happy Plants = Happy People, enough said! *Power of Frequency - watch your plants grow, grow, grow….


Greenhouse with Blu Room technologies

By: Dr. Matthew Martinez


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Watch as the Blu Gro System houses come to life!

Dr. Matt breaking ground on the first Blu Gro System in Hilo, HI!

Dr. Matt breaking ground on the first Blu Gro System in Hilo, HI!

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